Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steaple chase

Jason runs track for Washington State University, and here he is competing in the steaple chase. It is a mile run with 5 hurtles and one of the hurtles has a pond of water after it. It's a burtal run. However, Jason did really good he got 4th and almost tied for 3rd as a freshman.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I went to TN to visit my sister and her family. These are her four kids. Monsi, Madaline, Hyrum, and Jayden. I came to the house really late on a Monday night so all the kids but Monsi were asleep. The next morning all the kids jumped in bed with me they're so fun.

Later that week my parents came over to help celebrate his birthday. He got some new shirts, and a few other things.

Joseph's 28 birthday

For Joseph's birthday I made him his favorite chicken alfredo and cookie cake. That is what he wanted from his birthday.

An Army Retreat

There are some perks with Joseph joining the National Guard. One of them is his school is paid for. Also in the middle of Janurary the National Guard had a couples weekend. It was so much fun. We got a free weekend at a hotel. Which as great. They had seminars on relationships. It was so much fun. A couple of chaplains taught the class. One of the chaplains and his wife were LDS and were from Boise. They were so nice and invited us to come see them anytime down there in Boise. We won a gift bag from the conference because we were the first to sign up for it. It was an italian basket with fun goodies and food. On Saturday night we were told to go on a creative date spending no more than 10 dollars. We went to the dollar store and picked a gift that reminded us of the other person. Joseph got me a loofa and I got him a razor. Then we went to the fire place at the beautiful CDA, resort and wrote love poems about each other and read them to each other. Then we went back to the hotel and got in our swimming suits and played in the pool. We had so much fun tossing each other around and playing motor boat (I swear we need kids, because without them we treat each other like a child). One time Joseph took me and bounced me up and down while going in a circle. There was another couple that joined in with us and a couple of kids started bouncing up and down. The whole swimming pool was full of waves and laughter. We had so much fun, I think I was laughing so hard that tears were coming out of my eyes. I was so much fun. One of my love languages is quality time. That night we spent some sweet quality time that really made me love Joseph so much more and I really felt his love that night.

Our little neice bites her toe nails. I went over to their house to see how Brandi's does here home schooling. Afterward Belle went down stairs to play on the computer. Grace sat on the ground watching Belle and minding her own business. I too was sitting on the floor, all the sudden I heard chopping and I looked over and Grace was bitting her toe nails. I had to hold in my laughter. I don't think I've ever seen that before. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots of her. The last time she caught me. I was trying to be quite as to not encourage her, but I just had to get a picture. I told Brandi and she said Grace had bitten off all her finger nails so now she works on her toes. Brandi is still trying to figure out a plan on how to help her stop. So funny.

Our home

Here is our apartment in Spokane Valley were we live now. Everything but our bedroom. I'll have to post that later. We enjoy our apartment it's over 900 square feet, so it's a good size. Our bathroom is so big we've thought about putting a dresser in there.

Jasons' court of honor

Jason and his best friend JT had their court of honor together here in Jan. Jason made pillow cases for the pediatric oncology unit up at Sacred Heart. And JT made shot put rings at his old high school Central Valley. They both are great boys, we are so proud of them.

Jan. 1, 2009 My real birthday

So for my birthday I did tell Joseph that I wanted a rocking chair, a special date and a surprize party. Over time I kind of forgot about the last one. So on my birthday sure enough he took me on a special date. We went bowling (that was a first, we had never been bowling together before). Then he took me to one of my favorite resturants in CDA, Idaho called the Bonsi Grill. Then he told me we were going to the Mall in Spokane Valley, but we needed to stop by my brother's house to give them a check for a portable keyboard that my brother had given us. When we stopped, Eric came out and said, Angie why don't you come in with us the kids want to say hi. So I went in and the kids, mom and dad, and Jason all jumped out and said "SURPRIZE" and that I was. I couldn't believe that he planned a surprize party for me. It was so fun. He even got a cake earlier and dropped it off at Eric's house so it would be there for the party. He's so great.


For my birthday this year I told Joseph that I wanted a rocking chair, because we do plan on having kids, and every mother I think needs a rocking chair if there is a baby around. One day I came home from work and the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations were all put up and there was a rocking chair in the corner, with a sign saying, "happy birthday" I was so excited. He got me a rocking chair and he cleaned up Christmas so I didn't have too. he's such a great husband.

cross country skiing

During Christmas break we decided to pretend that we were on a vacation at home and do fun things here in Spokane just as if we were on a trip. So we went cross country skiiing for one of the days. A love of mine and now a love that Joseph likes to do. There is a cenntenial trail about 2 miles from where we live. In the summer it's our running path and in the winter it's a cross country path. It's beautiful with forrest trees lining it's sides and the Spokane river on the left side.