Friday, October 12, 2007

Here is "handsome man" (my nickname for Joseph) in his Army suit awaiting the start of our reception. Joseph's nickname for me is "sweet joy" I never tire of hearing him say that he is such a dear man.

Raise the roof. Here is the family raising the roof. Some of the faces are so funny. Everyone is so fun. We felt so much love from everyone on our wedding day. It truly is a celebration of love when two people who are madly in love get married.

Nicolay Family est. 2007

Hello Friends and Family,
The Joseph and Angie Nicolay Family was established on June 6, 2007 in the SLC temple. Here we are raising the roof, because we were so excited to finally be married. YIPPEE!! Raise the roof was always been a tradition to the Nicolays. Joseph first introduced it when we were dating. One evening as I was leaving his apartment, I noticed that he was sporting the new pair of pants that I had just bought him. I hollered out the window, "boy you sure look good in those pants." Without a second thought Joseph went straight into the raise the roof dance. He had me a laughin and a smilin.