Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Here we are enjoying Christmas Day in our new apartment.

Christmas Eve

Here we are Christmas Eve doing the traditional gingerbread houses. Afterwards, mom and I took her house to the lady she visit teaches. We sang we "Wish you a Merry Christmas." We then watch the King Singers with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Cruise to the North Pole

At our stay at the CDA Resort we got to go on a cruise to the North Pole (aka the other side of CDA Lake). There we saw Santa and Mrs. Claus in there den. Santa said a few words and read off the names of the kids on board the cruise, stating that they had been good and were going to get gifts for Christmas. When we arrived back to our room we had two mints on our pillows, the sheets were pulled back, and John Tesh's radio program was softly playing on the radio. We ordered a gooie (a X-large sundae with hot fudge, butterfinger, vanilla and chocolate ice cram, and whip cream) through room service up to our room and enjoyed the view and yummy dessert while learning fun facts from the John Tesh radio program. In the morning we got free breakfast and then went window shopping around downtown CDA. Then we went and saw the new movie Seven Pounds. We really enjoyed our vacation to the CDA resort. We highly recommend it to everyone.

A night at the CDA Resort

We decided to spend a night at the CDA Resort for a fun get away. We got up graded to a honeymoon suite for only 30 dollars extra. This room was so nice with two views of the lake, and nice big soaking tub and a fireplace. We got moved from the 3rd floor all the was up to the 16th floor. We really had a good time and we felt so rich for one night.

The first snow fall in 2008

In one day we got all the snow that we recieved last season. And it continues to snow. Cars we buried, so many crashes on the free way, it was a mess. Our CEO had to go around picking up nurses that couldn't make it in. We all got free lunch at work that day.

Work Christmas Party

Each year my work (North Idaho Advanced Care Hospital) has a Christmas party that is really fun. This year it was at Templains resort in Post falls. They had a huge buffe dinner, door prizes, and dancing. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Christmas party

We just moved to Spokane Valley, Washington so we could be closer to Eastern Washington's downtown campus for Joseph, as he is planning on atttending the school come Jan. The first Sunday I was at church I sat next to a girl I knew from the singles branch. Her calling is to lead the music in Relief Society. When it was time for the closing song her son had fallin asleep on her so I offered to go up and lead for her. The first half of the song was okit was 3/4 then it turned to 9/8 I have never seen 9/8 before. I tried leading 3/4 but it wasn't working quit right. Then I tried 6/8 then 3/4 and still it wasn't working so I just smiled and wrote my name in the air to the beat of the music. Well that night I get a call from the activities director asking me if I am musically inclined because she saw me leading the music in RS. I told her that I like to sing and she asked me if I would like to sing for the Christmas party in two weeks. She already had a song picked out called, "The Most Beautiful Story That's Ever Been Told." I told her "sure, but I am really surprized that you thought I was musically inclinded because I had a horrible time leading that song in RS." She said, "well it was the 6/8 leading that convinced me that you were musically inclinded because most people don't know how to do that." We both laughed. I had a great time performing. I love doing things that stretch my comfort zone and help me become a better person. We sat next to the Shenks in the ward. Brother Shenk is the first counselor to the bishop and they have 3 beautiful kids. They invited us to see Celtic Thunder with them on the next monday at the Arena. So we went and had a wonderful time with them. Brother Shenk majored in finance and works at the Bank of America. Joseph and him love talking stocks together. Investing in stocks as become a new passion for Joseph since all the stocks are 50% off now that that market is not doing well.

The holiday parade

Our friends the Nivers here we are in downtown Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Enjoying the holiday parade. It is a night parade and all the floats have lights on them. At the end of the parade everyone walked down to the resort and we sing Christmas carols and they light up the resort and send off fireworks. Afterwards we went back to the Nivers and played the play station and hung out. It was fun they are great to hang out with.

Thanksgivng Day

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with some of the family in the area. Brittany wanted to see a picture of the table and what it would have looked like if they were here. Mom set the table really nice and it was fun to play with Teigan and Caleb. They are sure growing.

The turkey trot

The turkey trot. On Thanksgiving day it is tradition that Spokane Washington comes out for a food drive and 4 mile run the morning of Thanksgiving. Joseph, Eric, and I drove up together and Jason and his friend JT drove up after us. We started the race with the thought that Jason and JT would catch up with us since they are cross country runners and can run a mile under 5 minutes. Well as we were finishing we saw Jason and JT flying up the street hoping over bolders and skipping around people as they flew by everyone. They caught up to us and just kept running to finish their second lap. They had already looped us once without us knowing it and then they lapped us again for the finish. They are sure fast. It was a blast to get a good run in before eating all the fixins of Thanksgiving and more fun to do it with family. At the beginning of the race Joseph looked over and saw a man that looked just like his dad. He had to go over and make sure it wasn't his dad. Joseph introduced himself with a huge grin saying you look just like my dad. I had to take a picture because Joseph was so cute and excited. Joseph felt a little closer to Kansas on Thanksgiving as this man turned around and put his arm around him for the picture.

Green bluff

The trip to green bluff. Green bluff is a bunch of farms that allow you to pick your own fruit at a discounted price. We went apple picking and mom and dad got some prunes too. There was a hay maze for the kids and homemade apple pies and pumpkin donuts that we enjoyed as well. It was a fun outing and is destined to be a family tradition.

husband and the bbq

My sweet husband decided to make me dinner as a surprise. I came home from a tired 12 hour shift at the hospital, and I stepped outside of the car and smelt a yummy bbq and thought "oh someone is bbqing." Little did I know it was us. Sure enough I went downstairs and was totally surprized and I was in love. It was the best stake I have ever tasted. And great zucchini too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Brotherhood of Beef BBQ

Joseph is the Elder's Quorum President and has been since we moved to Post Falls. It is a tradition in this ward to have a Brotherhood of Beef BBQ every summer. The elder's quorum uses almost all of their budget for a nice ribs, steak, and shrimp bbq. So on the last Saturday in August we had a blow out bbq over 60 people showed up, and it was a really nice night with everyone. There was great company, great food, and great weather. Way to plan a good time Joe!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day with Aunt Angie

Tyler, Quinn, and Belle all came over for a Day with Aunt Angie. We made chocolate Halloween suckers and homemade apple juice. After we were done the kids jammed on the ukulele and electric piano. Then we finished by playing some fun game. We really enjoyed each other and Brandi had a quite house with Evan and Grace sleeping, which I think she enjoyed.

Making apple cider

We had a family home evening with Eric and Brandi and their family and we went to one of Eric's co-worker's house. They live out in the country down around Fernan lake. They have some land out there and a big orchard. So we got 4 grocery bags full of apples. So we pulled out our juicer, and we made homemade apple cider. It was so tasty. You have to stir the cider before you drink it, because the contents seperate. But boy is it good. We've also made apple cobbler, which is yummy too. I love fruit. Brandi is planning on making yummy homemade apple sauce with her's.

Friday, September 26, 2008

YW campout

Brynne Erickson and I went to on a campout with the YW up to Beauty Creek which is just 15 min. away from where we live. Northern Idaho is truly so beautiful. We met at the church at 4:00 and pack up. We got to the campsite and picked out our site and then set up camp. Then we roasted hotdogs, and talked. When it got dark we did our spiritual activity when was a simulation of the tree of life and following to the spirit in your life. When had the girls hold hand, blind folded, and told them they could not talk (this was symbolic of being together in the pre-mortal life). Then we broke their hands and they stood all alone (symbolic of being born and walking by faith), we wispered in their ears to follow the still small voice. Then a loud tin can with rock shook every few minutes leading the girls into bushes and tents (symbolic of satan leading us to no where, he's loud and persuasive). In the back ground there was a stick, later became a big rock that was pounding on a tree, it was quiet but consistant (symbolic of the holy ghost). They had to figure out that they needed to follow the small sound.

Healthy Eating

I love to eat healthy. When I went to Costa Rica I learned how to make a Costa Rican salad. My host family made a salad like this almost at every meal. It always had shredded carrots in the middle, followed by different veggies around the carrots. The dressing was fresh squeezed limes and salt, and it tasted so good. A great salad and so healthy. Another favorite was fruit, mixed up in the blender, like a 1/4 of a catolope just blended up, and ready to drink. Costa Rican's eat so well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We went 4 wheeling, had a huge bon fire and roasted hot dogs. We listened to Enya from inside the cabin at night as we looked over the lake with the the great view that we had. We had so much fun just being together and enjoying one another. Joseph is truly my best friend.