Friday, October 17, 2008

The Brotherhood of Beef BBQ

Joseph is the Elder's Quorum President and has been since we moved to Post Falls. It is a tradition in this ward to have a Brotherhood of Beef BBQ every summer. The elder's quorum uses almost all of their budget for a nice ribs, steak, and shrimp bbq. So on the last Saturday in August we had a blow out bbq over 60 people showed up, and it was a really nice night with everyone. There was great company, great food, and great weather. Way to plan a good time Joe!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day with Aunt Angie

Tyler, Quinn, and Belle all came over for a Day with Aunt Angie. We made chocolate Halloween suckers and homemade apple juice. After we were done the kids jammed on the ukulele and electric piano. Then we finished by playing some fun game. We really enjoyed each other and Brandi had a quite house with Evan and Grace sleeping, which I think she enjoyed.

Making apple cider

We had a family home evening with Eric and Brandi and their family and we went to one of Eric's co-worker's house. They live out in the country down around Fernan lake. They have some land out there and a big orchard. So we got 4 grocery bags full of apples. So we pulled out our juicer, and we made homemade apple cider. It was so tasty. You have to stir the cider before you drink it, because the contents seperate. But boy is it good. We've also made apple cobbler, which is yummy too. I love fruit. Brandi is planning on making yummy homemade apple sauce with her's.