Sunday, August 24, 2008

All smiles! We are truly happy!

This is Jason and his best friend JT running in a race before state. Jason accidently stepped on JT's left foot taking his shoe off. The shoe incident kind of threw them both off their game. This is the two after the race thinking, "man that stunk." JT and Jason are both at WSU this fall they are running for the university. The past few years these boys have done a lot together. They both graduated High school with there associates degree taking most of the same classes throughout their jr. and sr. year. They were in the same ward together, and they both ran cross country and track together.
Here we are gathered at Loralee's home for a morning breakfast.

Nicolay Gathering

In May we went to Utah between spring and summer semesters to go visit the Nicolay clan in Utah. We had a bon fire one night and roasted hot dogs and s'mores. Here David and Joe are trying to get the fire started. David is pushing air out of Joe and it seems to be working.