Friday, February 22, 2008

more of our apartment

Here is our bedroom and our dinning room/laundry room. There are two washers and driers but only two are functioning right now. A set came with the apartment and a set are ours. Joe made the nice fabric covering so you don't have to look at the misc. things on the shelf. However, if you look closely you will see that the ends of the fabric is stapled instead of sown... He just makes me laugh.

Here is our living room area.

The enterance

This is the enterance into our basement home. It has a painting of fairies, a bird bath, birds, with ivy around the painted cinder blocks.

Our home

Here is our home. It is a little apartment under an assisted living home in Post Falls Idaho. We have a bedroom, computer room, living room, bathroom, and dining/laundry room. We really enjoy it. Our favorite thing to do is to invite people over to see how many we can fit in our humble abode. We have had a few dinners with 13 people over all at once...

Congratulations Joe on your 4.0 GPA

Joe was accepted into Phi Theta Kappa an honor society at North Idaho College. Last semester he took 19 credits and got a 4.0. He continues to keep that 4.0 so far with his 20 credits that he is currently taking. Last night we went to a formal banquet where he was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. Way to go Joe!!

Sweet kids

Here is sweet Quinn and Belle, Eric's kids (my oldest brother). They came over for an aunt date and we made valentine cookies, and then delivered them to the elderly folks that live in the assisted living home above us and to the folks that live in Legacy House (an assisted living home that my parents own). After making cookies we took Joe's car through the car wash. Belle's door was slightly open which we found out when we all got sprayed with water at the beginning of the car wash. I leaned over the sit to open and shut it before we all became wet animals and as I turned around the car got knocked into drive, instead of staying in neutral. So the car took us right through the wash in a matter of 2 seconds. I hit the brakes and noticed we were outside of the car wash and the car was covered in soap. Luckly the car wash people let us go through the car wash again. This time Belle's door was competely shut and we didn't get wet at all.

Happy Birthday!!

Joe invited Eric and Brandi's family, mom and dad, and Jason over to celebrate my 27th birthday. We had a lot of fun pinning the tail on the donkey and doing a cake walk. Good times!

Jason my brother

Here is Jason my tough "little" brother after finishing a race against a few schools in his region. He got 10th in this race, he ran so fast, he is so impressive. He runs everyday miles on end. He is looking at going to WSU, BYU, Utah State, or Portland Oregon for college. He hopes to get a scholarship and run for one of those schools. When he graduates he will have his associates from Spokane Falls Community College since he did running state while in high school. The kid is a go getter and a heart throb, girls love going on dates with him.

Christmas Break Snowshoeing

Here is Joe and I snowshoeing up by Mountain Spokane. This was Joe's first experience at this new sport and he seemed to enjoy himself. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of being out in among God's creations. We pretended that we were on a first date. We asked all the first date questions and had a lot of fun pretending, Joe is so good about following along with all my good ideas....