Sunday, July 6, 2008

Senior Pictures

I took Jason my little brother out this last week and we took over a 100 pictures for his Senior year. It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out great, with Joe's nice camera, Jason's great smile, and Manatoe park's beauty.

Water park fun. Since Brandi (my sister in Law) just had her 5th child Eric decided to let her have a little rest, so he took the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood park. There is a water fun area there where the kids ran around and got all wet. Here Belle is warming up and getting Grandma all wet.

Handsome Man

So we went suit shopping at the mall the other day. We made the mistake of having Joe try on an expensive suit first. We went to three other stores and none of the suits he tried on even came close to comparing to this suit from Nordstrom Rack. So we ended up bying it, at least he wears it every sunday, unlike a wedding dress that goes on for one day and then sits in the closet the rest.

Pink Toes

One Sunday afternoon I was quitely painting my toe nails while my husband was resting peacefully on the cough. I looked over at his handsome foot and thought I wonder what his toes would look like with some toe nail polish. So I proceeded to paint his whole left foot and I even took pictures, and he didn't even crack an eye. When he woke up he didn't notice until about five minutes after when he stretched his foot up in the air, he said, "Oh what did you do to my foot, I have to go to Yoga class in the morning." He is the only guy in the class and the teacher is a little suspicious of him, so we took off the pink paint. I laughed so hard it was so much fun. And he still loves me.

Here is Joe with our first Nicolay family pinewood derby car. He made it look like a formula one car, one of the fastest race cars out there. Boy did that car go fast. We raced it at our ward pinewood derby and it got first place the moment we put it on the track. Good job Joe. He is really handly with wood carving.